This is the best program I have ever written!


This easy to follow ebook, has 5 workout days.

Day 1 - Squat and Accessories

Day 2 - Bench Press and Accessories

Day 3 - Squat Accessories

Day 4 - OHP and Accessories

Day 5 - Squat, Bench and Deadlift


By the end of the week you will have completed 3 squat sessions (of different styles and difficulty), 3 bench press sessions (of different styles and difficulty) and 2 deadlift sessions (of different styles and difficulty).


I have designed this program to maximise your worked volume throughout the week to give you faster strength and hypertrophy gains.


As an added benefit this program is AUTO-REGULATED which means you can repeat this program continuously for ongoing progression and if you follow everything correctly you can expect a 10-20% increase in all your lifts!


Lets get started!


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