In previous articles I’ve spoken about the unique 3 phase training method which we use to build impressively strong and muscular physiques. However now I’m gonna dive a bit deeper into the importance of not staying too long in one phase and why it is necessary to move onto the next phase after the prescribed weeks.


Whether your goal is to build muscle or strength the bodybuilding phase is of vital importance. This is the stage where you will build the most amount of muscle whilst also having the opportunity to improve your technique through high repetition of each movement using a lighter and more controllable weight. Now if your goal is to be a bodybuilder and strength isn’t any of your focus naturally you would think that staying in this phase would be most beneficial. However after around 6 to 8 weeks the muscle hypertrophy improvements rapidly slow down, the reason behind this is throughout this phase the program will progressively increase in volume to create an overload effect, however it reaches a point where the sets and reps are so high that more strength to move heavier weights is the needed extra stimulus. The human body is very adaptive and can create change easily, this is when our body is needing a different program which is lower in volume and higher in intensity to continue the rapid gains. This is why it is common to see so many hit a plateau after 6-8 weeks of a program. My unique method of coaching keeps 1 perfect technique power rep in the program throughout the hypertrophy phase to keep training your skill of being able to move a heavy single rep whilst also preparing you for the next phase.


Moving into the PowerBuilding phase, this is one area which I do believe it is possible to stay for a prolonged period of time. However as each phase has its own advantages and disadvantages you would still get more benefits from following each stage for the set periods. During this transitional phase you will still be building a great deal of muscle through the relatively high volume whilst starting to increase your strength quickly due to the central nervous system adaptations of the increased weights. The disadvantage of this phase compared to the others is the high level of fatigue it plays on the body due both volume and weight intensity being high. This is why I shorten it to just a 4 week transitional PowerBuilding phase for all my athletes.


This brings us to the final PowerlLfting phase. Similarly you would think a powerlifter with no interest in bodybuilding should stay in this phase the entire time. Well like we discussed earlier in the bodybuilding phase, the PowerLifting phase slows its improvements at the 6-8 week mark as the body’s central nervous system adaptations start to close in on its full capacity and the body starts to show signs of fatigue from the high intensity heavy weights. After the 8th week it is common to see people trying to lift way to heavy, show technique breakdown and show huge signs of fatigue. After 8 weeks this phase becomes very injury prone. This is why I always program this phase to be less than 8 weeks and cut it short if the athlete is showing signs of fatigue. 

By the end of the 3 phase program you’ll be much stronger and more muscular than ever before.

This unique method of programming and coaching which has led to the successful gold medal winning performances for Jessica, Adam and our athletes in both bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Join Bondi Strength Coaching now and begin your own muscle building and strength gaining program.



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